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Leopard sequences are available in Our ftp and NCBI.
You can download them via 2 ways as following:


1. Just click and download in our FTP site.



2. You can also download leopard (including 2 amur leopard, 1 leopard cat) genome sequences at NCBI :


Then, you can use SRAtoolkit for downloading them. 
(SRAtoolkit download here)


## Leopard genome sequences in NCBI SRA database.

Run BioSample Sample name Library name
SRR3042211 SAMN04361360 Amur_leopard_1 AmurLeopard_500bp
SRR3042212 SAMN04361361 Amur_leopard_2 AmurLeopard_500bp
SRR3042235 SAMN04361362 Leopard cat LeopardCat_400bp
SRR3043975 SAMN04347630 Leopard Leopard_2Kb
SRR3043976 SAMN04347630 Leopard Leopard_5Kb
SRR3043977 SAMN04347630 Leopard Leopard_10Kb
SRR3043978 SAMN04347630 Leopard Leopard_15Kb
SRR3041424 SAMN04347630 Leopard Leopard_170bp
SRR3041429 SAMN04347630 Leopard Leopard_500bp
SRR3041431 SAMN04347630 Leopard Leopard_700bp
SRR3043979 SAMN04347630 Leopard Leopard_20Kb


## example of downloading the leopard sequences using SRAtoolkit

ex) fastq-dump --split-files -A SRR3041429 ==> this command will download the 500bp library of Leopard sequences
1. You should install SRAtoolkit for using "fastq-dump" command.
2. This command are only working in SRR ID. (Therefore, please find the SRR (Run) ID lists in the above table)


If you have question or request about the leoaprd data,
please contact jongbhak@gmail.com or howmany2@gmail.com

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